About Ellegant Swag

When you order from Ellegant Swag, you can be sure of two things: your swag will represent you and it will not look like anyone else's swag near or far. Elle invests hours of her time and her years of expertise into every order she creates. She hand-picks all accents, does any required digital design, handmakes tassels, prints out all pieces of an order, and assembles each piece herself. Elle lives for the love that radiates off her designs, the exclusivity that her products offer and the versatility that comes with the ability to create. She uses as little automation as possible when designing for her RoyElles, her name for her clients, to provide them with detailed, unique handcrafted swag.

Given her focus and love for creating (and being in craft stores), it would be easy to think that Elle started out making keychains and tumblers and bookmarks. And while she has been accused of being born with a glue gun in her hand, her path to crafting started with stories.

As a child, Elle loved to come up with layered stores. Stories where she would create fictional characters for a narrative that she would elaborate on for weeks to come. Stories that were vivid and detailed. It became part of her life, stories and characters and settings became the background of her life at work and at home. But she never moved forward with any of it.

Later, as an adult, Elle discovered the world of e-books. She read a few and then began to wonder if she could write a book herself. Eager for a new challenge, Elle set out to write her first book in March of 2015. She did her research and listened to other authors discuss how they went about writing. Elle decided to give their method a shot and came up with a plot outline for her debut title, I Never Said I Was a Good Girl. She intended to use the outline as a guide to help her along her writing journey, just like the authors she had researched. Ecstatic when she finally typed the end on the last page of her debut release, it was then that Elle realized that she had never once looked at that outline. The other thing Elle noticed was that the story she was scrolling through as she proofread was nothing like the detailed outline she had put together for the book before writing her first word.

This helped Elle to realize that she didn't need an extravagant outline or plot upfront to start her stories. All she needed was a title and a couple of characters to get to work. And her own creativity. The rest of the story would begin to develop as she learned who her characters were and how they'd interact with each other. Once she got to know her characters the words would just flow without much effort on her part. She just needed to let them tell their tale.

I Never Said I Was a Good Girl, Elle's debut, was released in May of 2015. Smiling as she scrolled through the pages of her book on her Kindle, Elle realized that she could now call herself a published author. She could hardly contain her excitement as she continued to stare at the proof on her phone that she could definitely write a book! 

After completing parts two and three of I Never Said I Was a Good Girl, Elle decided to order her book in paperback. Once her paperbacks arrived, she was excited and couldn't wait to send them to her readers. However, one thing was standing in her way. As a lifelong reader and lover of books, she felt that a physical book was incomplete without a bookmark. But it also couldn't be just any ol' bookmark, not for her book! So Elle looked high and low to find the perfect bookmark. And came up empty handed one too many times. Being a crafter at heart, she decided to design and print her own bookmarks! That way she would have exactly what she wanted. 

It didn't take long for Elle to come up with the design for her bookmark and decide that she wanted the tassels to be handmade (of course). Then she realized that she needed a bead to set the whole thing off, and that it would need to be laminated to keep it in like new condition for read after read after read. Once satisfied with her design, she posted the bookmarks alongside her debut book and was amazed at how many people liked the bookmarks and began to ask for her to make them some as well. In no time at all, the orders began to pour in. Ellegant Swag was born.

By early 2016, Elle had expanded her portfolio to include totes, candles, and mini book keychains. Throughout the years, Elle has continued to grow as a crafter. This has allowed her to expand her swag to include tumblers, pens, glasses, t-shirts, baby swag, various keychains, notebooks, e book formatting, typesetting etc.

Expansion made sense to Elle. She wanted to become a one stop shop for her clients, her RoyElles. This would allow them to order everything they wanted from one place, giving them a cohesive design. Their order was not spread out across several businesses, which can result in subtle differences in color or font choices. Being able to get every piece of an order from one source allows for a seamless esthetic every time.

Elle has always prided herself on being unique. That also means that she couldn't allow her swag to be cookie-cutter either. Elle's designs come from things she likes, inspiration from her RoyElles, inspiration from her family, and fellow crafters. 

As Elle is the only designer and crafter, orders can take weeks to complete. Especially if the order is a large or multi layered product. But she does not run her business by the speed at which she can crank out orders. Ellegant Swag prides itself on the quality and durability of their swag. With that being said, if you would like a status update on your order feel free to email Elle Order@BuyEllegant.COM. If you need swag by a specific date, just make that known at the time you are placing the order. And if for some reason Elle cannot meet your deadline, she will let you know immediately before any money is collected.

Now that you know a little bit about how Ellegant Swag was created please visit RoyElle City to see what swag Elle has created or can create for you!