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Sunday Mornings: Lies & Lattes

Sunday Mornings: Lies & Lattes

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Ariq Levinson is head over heels in love with his longtime girlfriend until her feelings for him seem to change. Not knowing what is causing the change and not wanting to be the type that runs at the first sign of trouble he decides to weather the storm. After a few months of turmoil things seem to even back out when his girlfriend reveals that she is pregnant. The news seems to rejuvenate their relationship and get them back to the place they once were. Ecstatic about becoming a father, Ariq wants to make things official so he proposes. He barely gets a chance to slide the engagement ring on her finger before their relationship takes another turn for the worse. Will they be able to get passed this hurdle or will it be too much for either of them to jump over?
Royce Perkins is five months shy of marrying a man she is no longer in love with. Feeling overwhelmed because she doesn’t know how to tell her fiancé that she is in love with someone else and wants to call off the wedding she goes to her favorite café, Sunday Mornings. Hoping somehow that being there she will figure out a way to solve her dilemma. As she’s sitting there crying her eyes out a young woman approaches her and sparks up a friendly conversation. Royce begins to feel comfortable and confesses her secrets to the stranger across the table from her hoping it will lift some of the burden off her shoulders. Initially it feels wonderful to be able to talk to someone about her troubles but that feeling soon changes when her secret is exposed, and her world begins to crumble. Royce makes one final play to try to keep from losing everything but is she passed the point of no return? Will her decision be the right one or just the final nail in the coffin?
Nova James has had her mind on one specific man since high school. Things didn’t pan out way back then, but she’s determined that things will be different in 2019. Moving to Grovetown, Georgia to be closer to her high school crush things between them heat up. It doesn’t take long for the two to become an inseparable item. Things seem to be going even better than Nova had dreamed until secrets from her past rear their ugly heads and threaten to destroy her relationship. Will Nova’s secrets cause the love of her life to turn his back on her again or will he love her enough to accept the past and move forward with life as planned?
Passion McBride has been having a rough time landing a job in her field after graduating college. Throwing caution to the wind she applies for an art teacher position at Davidson Fine Arts in Augusta, Georgia not believing she’d ever hear anything back. To her surprise she ends up landing the position. Packing up everything she owns she leaves her parents and best friend behind in Savannah to embark on this exciting new journey alone. After becoming friendly with a coworker he sets her up on a blind date with his good friend, Rasheen. Rasheen and Passion hit it off but because he reminds her so much of an ex-boyfriend she begins to play games with his heart. Will Passion forfeit the game by allowing her past to ruin her future or will she wake up before it’s too late?
Mecca O’Neal has been the model son since birth. He’s done everything the way his parents have wanted since the day he was born from becoming a minister like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather to agreeing to marry Rainey a woman chosen for him by his parents. Whatever he needed to do to get his own church he was willing to do until he met the love of his life. Not wanting to disappoint his parents he secretly began an affair with a member of the church. After things get too hot to handle, Mecca decides to confess his affair to his father in the hopes that he can divorce his wife and marry the woman he is really in love with. Will his confession get him the results he’s looking for or did he open the lid on pandora’s box?

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