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I Wish I Never Met Her

I Wish I Never Met Her

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You never know how the people you meet when you go off to school can impact your life. That’s certainly the case for (Trey Ramirez, Kharisma Kinkaid, Pharaoh Kinkaid, Phoenix Ramirez, Irelynn Bridges, King Giovani, and Xavier Jones) who met and became friends, and more, while attending Springfield College. As the years pass those relationships and bonds deepen in ways that not everyone is aware of. Until those secrets start to come to light.
Kharisma has been married to Pharaoh for six years. After having only dated a few months, they tied the knot in a small ceremony because they found out they were pregnant with their beautiful daughter, Jada. And while Pharaoh is the most important person in Kharisma’s world, what she doesn’t know is that she comes third in his life after his daughter and his mistress, her friend and college roommate, Phoenix. Pharaoh has been promising Phoenix for years that, when the time is right, he will divorce his wife, so they can be together. But with suspicions building about their involvement will Pharaoh come clean before time runs out?
Phoenix and Trey are newlyweds and while Trey married for love, his wife used marriage as a tactic to make Pharaoh jealous and possibly speed up the process of him leaving his own wife. Unaware that he plays second fiddle to his good friend, Trey begins to pressure Phoenix about giving him the one thing he has been longing for: a child. Will Phoenix grant his wish even though she knows this could complicate things even more for her and Pharaoh?
Even though she didn’t go to school with the rest of them, Irelynn is deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend, Xavier. She loves him from deep down in her soul and he loves her just as much. However, having grown up around nothing but failed relationships as a child he has put up certain boundaries that he is not willing to cross. So, what’s a girl to do when she has compromised on as much as her dignity will allow her to but the man she loves won’t budge? Is she willing to lose herself just to keep him close? Or will Xavier finally wake up and smell the compromise before he loses his queen for good?
King is several years older than the rest of his friends but was integrated into the group when he met them through his father, a professor at the college they attended. Relocating to Boston King chose to take a different path in life by remaining single and focusing on his career, but whenever his friends need him he is only a call away. So, when things go downhill, it only makes sense that he is the one to help them through their trials and tribulations. But will he be able to help his friends this time or just get dragged into the drama?

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