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Invisible Journei

Invisible Journei

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Part 1 of 2

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Journei Oliver has the life that most woman dream of having. She has a loving husband and two beautiful children, a gorgeous home, and a lucrative career as a real-estate agent. She has never had anything to complain about until one day she wakes up and realizes that her husband nor her children appreciate her. She feels invisible in life, in her career and even in her own home.
She goes through all types of feelings and scenarios when she discovers what her life has become but settles on trying to put her marriage back together and build a better relationship with her children until a surprise visit to her husband’s job reveals a huge secret that is enough to tear any marriage apart.
In the midst of Journei’s pain a chance meeting with Elijah Carter has her torn between the man she has loved and built a life with for the past eighteen years and a man who awakens feelings deep within her soul that she never knew existed.
Journei’s feelings and new found relationship with Elijah begin to consume her every thought. He seems to be the only person that really sees her. Will she give into the possibilities of what could be if they are together or will she go with her faith and realize that ‘what therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder?’

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