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Loving You Again

Loving You Again

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Kharisma Haynes and King Giovanni are still trying to figure things out a year after it was discovered that Jada is King’s daughter and not the daughter of Kharisma’s ex-husband and King’s former friend, Pharaoh Kinkaid.
After moving to Boston to restart her life, Kharisma has found a new sense of self and is quite content with the secret, non-committed relationship she has with King. She loves him, and would love to get more involved, but the demons of her past just won’t stop coming between them. When confronted by King about where their relationship is headed and his need for more, she confesses to him what the real issue is and drops an unbelievable ultimatum on him.
King has been extremely patient while giving Kharisma time to recover from the dissolution of her marriage, but now his patience is starting to wear thin. He is beyond ready to take on the responsibility of being her husband and Jada’s father. He’s tired of hiding, of lying to Jada, and of feeling like the third wheel when it comes to decisions that concern his daughter just because Pharaoh is still very much involved.
Even though Jada is only 8 years-old, her young eyes and ears don’t miss a thing. And being a daddy’s girl doesn’t make it any easier for her to deal with the fact that her parents are no longer together causing her world to be turned inside out. As she tries to wrap her mind around all of these adult problems she begins to act out, which only adds to the stress between Kharisma and King.
Tensions really start to mount when King and Kharisma realize that loving each other again will require great sacrifices from both of them. Can Kharisma step out of the shadows of her past and own it all before it is too late or will she continue to find comfort in the dark? Will King’s desire to finally be the Mister in Kharisma’s life be strong enough for him to accept all that being with Kharisma has cost him or will he decide that enough is enough?

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